More Profit, Little Effort

We automate workflow and offer customised software that can help you perform tasks while you sleep. In short, We automate your work!.

Owlfins Services

We offer services for small businesses or single member companies/freelancers.

Youtube Automation

Our services include scriptwriting, voiceovers, video editing, and thumbnail design, SEO, and channel management to help your videos rank higher in search results and attract more viewers.

Software Automation

Automating your day to day repetitive tasks including excel, ERP, data entry, web scrapping, youtube views farming, get views from any country of the entire world!

Complete ERP System

On scenario where the system breaks, we repair it for free. If the service stops working, we'll fix it for free. Cheapest POS system on the market. Cheapest student/employee management system on the market!


ERP System

We offer cloud based erp system accessible anywhere on the planet either on the phone or on the desktop/laptop. Our price is competitive and we offer discounts to the NGO's.

“Customer support available 24/7.”

Automation Scripts/Software

We offer mature proper GUI/interface based software for automation; for the low budget clients, we also offer them CLI based scripts without Graphical user interface.

“No problem with customizations and updates. We deliver updates continously.”

Human Resource

Owlfins has the best human resource department and HR policies. Our HR policies benefit married couples or families with different bonuses.

“From leaves, vacations, maternal/paternal leaves to trips and first class airplane tickets, we offer all the benefits. Join us!”

About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses standardize their operations. We help small businesses and single member companies to automate most of their boring/mundance work by help of software. From a point of sale system, to employee management and automatic inputs into database/excel, records keeping etc, we deal with everything.

  • Accounting and Stocks
  • CRM system
  • Human Resource HR module

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Our Team

We have a strong team, ready to tackle any announced or unannounced problems.


Mr. Haseeb

Marketing/SEO/Content Creator

Having worked with top international brands and producing his own software product, Haseeb has done lots of contributions to the startups by offering his marketing mentorship.


A. Mujeeb Ishaque


Mujeeb(Mj) has extensive experience with startups. He has founded 3 startups and sold 2. Besides owlfins, he works with an Austrian and a Malaysian startup as a consultant and a team lead.


W. Sunny


Having worked in Multinational Corporates and startups, I take pride in adding the art of collaboration in products as well as humans. Currently working as CTO for 3 startups, i break things only to ameliorate them like we don’t need to re-invent the wheel but we may not need the wheels at all, Fly.


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